We are here and helping our community!

The Ontario SPCA would like to remind the public that although our programs and services in the Chatham-Kent region are shifting, we are still actively involved in the community. For years the Ontario SPCA was housed in a municipal-owned animal centre. This facility was designated to the agency or organization that was fulfilling the animal control contract for the municipality. As the Ontario SPCA is no longer providing the animal control services for the region, we are required to move out of that facility. As of November 11, 2016 the Ontario SPCA will no longer reside in the 405 Park Avenue East location in Chatham.

Continuing to help the animals in the Chatham-Kent region

The Ontario SPCA has many services that we have offered to the Chatham-Kent region and many that we will continue to provide.

Our first and primary role has been through our Rescue & Relief™ services and through our Provincial Animal Transfer programs. The Society has a very strong animal transfer program, often used in the Chatham-Kent community. The Society works with our Ontario SPCA Communities in surrounding regions to assist with the transfer and rehoming of animals that come into our care within the Chatham-Kent community. Our teams also provide support for animal shelters, including municipal animal control facilities, all across the province through adoption programs, public service campaigns such as our No Hot Pets campaign and through our new website, an online shelter health and wellness resource. We are excited to be continuing these services throughout the community.

Should anyone have a concern for the welfare of an animal they are encouraged to call our animal cruelty hotline at 310-SPCA (7722) and one of our local officers will follow up accordingly.

The Ontario SPCA has a steadfast commitment to broadening access to spay/neuter services. The only long-term solution to pet over-population is prevention. With the recent changes to our service delivery model in the Chatham-Kent area, it is our intent to plan for new types of services focused on animal welfare programs.

We encourage you to visit our website for further updates on our programs and services.